Wedding Dressing When You’re Breastfeeding – Postpartum Moms

Wedding Dressing When You’re Breastfeeding – Postpartum Moms

No matter how many weddings you’ve attended in your life, there’s always a sense of anticipation when you receive the Save the Date card in the mail. You get to dance, drink if you want, and spend time with loved ones.

You’re probably not quite ready to fit into your pre-baby wedding attire just yet. Even if you are, that particular clothing may not allow for nursing (or leaking). Or maybe it’s just not that comfy, and you can’t bear another moment of discomfort after going through nine months of pregnancy. Perhaps you’ve decided to bring the baby to the wedding after all, and your primary concern is finding a design that will conceal spit-up stains. In any scenario, if you’re planning to attend a wedding and have a new baby, you’ll need a new dress.

Best Dresses to Wear to Weddings – Postpartum

To alleviate some of the stress in your already hectic life, we’ve compiled a list of ideas for wedding dresses for the postpartum moms. These ideas are a savior! 

1. A Button-Down Dress

A Button-Down Dress

2. A Wrap Dress

A Wrap Dress

3. A One-Shoulder Dress

One-Shoulder Dress

4. A Floral Print Dress

A Floral Print Dress

5. A Square Neck Dress

A Square Neck Dress

6. A V-Neck/Plunge Dress

A V-Neck/Plunge Dress

Top Brands Selling Trendy Maternity Dresses

Here is a list of brands and online fashion boutiques where you can find nursing/maternity dresses to wear as a wedding guest and make your shopping easier:

Shop Buru 

Buru’s founder, Morgan is of the opinion that once a mother, always a mother. Her designs are intended to span generations, seasons, and stages of motherhood. She aims to help every mama look and feel good. She includes “how-to-nurse” information in the details of each article.

Do visit the Blog section on their website to gain some inspiration. 


For elegant evening gowns and dresses, Seraphine is another best option for new moms. Seraphine’s nursing gowns are both comfortable and fashionable, and are made to flatter your shape at every stage. Elegant a-line cuts skim over your curves, giving your body time a perfect shape.

Pink Blush Maternity

For lots of nursing dresses of any style, shop at Pink Blush Maternity. These dresses will have you wedding-guest ready in no time. They have a range of nursing dresses featuring sequins, chiffon, and floral maternity dresses. Along with formal maternity dresses, they also have cute and casual styles for every event. 

Top Tips When Choosing a Nursing Dress

Above all things, your top priority should be comfort. As a mom, you’ll be carrying your kid around for the majority of the day, so choose a dress that allows you to feel comfortable!

Breathability should be another concern under comfort. You’d want a lightweight, flowy garment with good airflow so you don’t feel hot and sticky, and so your baby is comfortable.

Finally, there’s style. You deserve to feel beautiful and confident in your nursing gown, so choose one that meets your standards for elegance and comfort!

Every woman deserves to feel fantastic during her pregnancy.

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